WEEKLY PRE-ORDERS OPEN ON SUNDAY, 12PM. Delivery slots close Thursday midnight. Self collection orders close Thursday, 4pm.
WEEKLY PRE-ORDERS OPEN ON SUNDAY, 12PM. Delivery slots close Thursday midnight. Self collection orders close Thursday, 4pm.
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What is Dearborn granola?
Dearborn granola is a hand crafted, small batch breakfast food that is proudly made in Singapore. Focused on quality, Dearborn places great emphasis on sourcing the best ingredients, prioritising provenance and responsible practices.

Is your granola suitable for vegetarians/vegans?
The base of our granola is 100% plant based, making it an inclusive option for most dietary restrictions including vegetarians and vegans (unless otherwise stated)

Is your granola halal?
No, our granola is not halal-certified, but we do not use any pork or lard in the baking of our products. Some of our flavours do include extracts (which contain alcohol) as an ingredient and such information is readily available on our site. 



How does the granola subscription work?
Choose your subscription plan, delivery frequency, your flavour preference and let us do the rest! Our granola is baked fresh every week from Monday - Thursday and you'll receive your order within 5 days of baking or less. 

How often will I receive my granola?
Your choice! You can choose to receive our freshly baked granola every week or every other week. You will be notified of your allocated slot by Thursday. Deliveries go out Fridays - Sundays between 10am - 8pm.

Can I choose my flavours?
Our subscription runs like a discovery program but we will ask you about your flavour preferences when you sign up. Every Dearborn flavour is thoughtfully put together and inspired by classic combinations. If you have any favourites or flavours you'd like to try, send us an email at info@dearborn.sg and we'll be sure to choose that for you if we are baking it during your subscription period. 

While our flavours are on constant rotation, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Sea Salt and Strawberry Macadamia are always available. If you only want those flavours or a rotation of those flavours, just let us know by email. 

Is there a binding period?
There is no binding period and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. Although we do ask that you don't sign up for only a week to make use of the delivery discount. We are a small business and are absorbing that discount for our subscribers and hope that the flexibility provided for our subscriptions isn't abused!

Can I change the details of my order?
Yes, you may make changes to your order under ‘My Account > Manage Subscriptions’. Our cut-off for any changes to be made is every Wednesday at 6pm. If you’d like any help with your order, send us an email at info@dearborn.sg and we’ll do our best to accommodate any requests you may have. 

What if I want to pick up my subscription in store?
All subscriptions are currently only available with delivery. This means that each billing cycle will include the delivery fee. To pick up your order in store, send us an email at info@dearborn.sg. Our cut-off for any changes to be made is every Wednesday at 6pm. We will refund you the delivery fee and you may pick up your order from our store during our operating hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Can I pause my subscription?
There is currently no ‘Pause’ option on our backend. Instead, under ‘My Account > Manage Subscriptions’, you can manually select each upcoming order date and select ’Skip this order’ until the date that you would like to continue your subscription plan.



Our cut-off for any order cancellations are every Wednesday at 6pm. After which, any requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

For any return of collected orders, we will require your order number or receipt, product images and proof of any defects, damages or if you have received the wrong item. We will then evaluate and follow up with you accordingly with a replacement or refund if eligible.